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See 2014 Bike MS Ride with GPS maps here

Day 1 Route Map

100 Mile Route

4,498’ of elevation gain - CLIMBING

This is the route that has it all: rolling hills, stirring vistas, serene country lanes and the breathtaking waterfall views of Silver Falls State Park. Hills divide farmlands on this rich course brimming with incredible views.

With one large climb, this course is not for the faint at heart, but overall it is not too intense. Subtle hills roll all along this course as .riders follow a slow, mellow incline out of Monmouth, until reaching the end of this easy climb just before Silver Falls State Park. There, you'll be treated to a rest stop in the Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge and plenty of scenic Marion County beauty.

The true climbing comes in as your earn the Silver Falls experience. Starting at mile 34, and for the next 12 miles, you'll be working you way upward. The most intense climbing begins at mile 43 and lasts about 3.5 miles as you work your way to Silver Falls.

After stopping at the Silver Falls South Lookout to admire the views (and catch your breath), you’ll descend through Silver Falls State Park, with a few more miles of gentle rollers, and some quick climbs and downhills. Then it's a cool 10 miles of delightful downhill slope right through the heart of Silverton, the friendliest town in Oregon. This quaint town, home to The Oregon Garden, is surrounded by quiet roads and expansive beauty. Lunch is provided here in Silverton. The next leg returns West through rolling and quiet farm land. You'll pass through Pratum, a tiny unincorporated town that was once called Switzerland as it was originally settled by Swiss Mennonites in the late 19th century.

Along this route, you'll cross the 62-mile Pudding River, meander along sprawling floral fields, pass century-old farms, contented cows, curious horses and hillsides covered in vineyards.

This route includes four fully stocked Rest Stops, four Water Stops and Lunch.

You will finish with the other routes through Salem and back across the Willamette River to Monmouth.

84 Mile Route / 64 Mile Route

84mi, 2,958’ of elevation gain - MEDIUM

64mi, 1,900' of elevation gain - MEDIUM

These lovely routes through the heart of the Willamette Valley are a perfect option for riders looking for solid mileage but not a lot of climbing. We call the hills along this course “rolling” because they undulate constantly but never too steeply. With only 2,950 or 1,900 feet of elevation gain, depending on which mileage you choose, you won't be doing much climbing on either of these routes.

What little climbing there is occurs primarily between miles 15 to 20, and again between miles 34 and 42. Just north of Aumsville, the longer route turns east in the direction of Silver Falls State Park, while the 63-mile route continues north.

Along the way you'll be treated to some of Oregon's most expansive quiet rural lanes, past century farms, alongside rushing creeks and streams and through fields that are bursting with vibrant flowers. Views of Waldo Hills and Cascade Range mountains frame the horizon for a scenic ride the entire way.

Our last stop brings you through Salem. This stop by our state’s capitol, and our last rest stop on our capitol lawn. You’ll wrap up these rides as you meander alongside and finally cross the Willamette River.

The 84 mile route includes four fully stocked Rest Stops, two Water Stops and Lunch

The 64 mile route includes three fully stocked Rest Stops, one Water Stop and Lunch.

33 Mile Route

33 Miles, 960’ of elevation gain – VERY FLAT

The 33 Mile Route takes some of the best aspects from our longer routes and translates them into this shorter version. You will start with all other bikers and pass through the Ankeny Wildlife Refuge. From there you will turn south then west through another lovely part of the Ankeny National Wildlife Refuge. You’ll then ride along a lightly tree-lined route to the Buena Vista Ferry crossing of the Willamette River.

Once you cross the river and enter the hamlet of Buena Vista, you will quickly arrive at a set of gently rolling farmland through this pastoral part of Polk County. Notice the coastal mountain range rising in front of you and the various agricultural offerings of the area. Your return back to Rider Village includes a flat roll into Monmouth as you rejoin the other routes for a great finish.

The 33 Mile Route includes one fully stocked Rest Stop, one Water Stop and one ferry crossing. Lunch is at rider village.



Day 2 Route Map

Route Cue Sheets:

50 Mile Route

50 mi, 2292’ of elevation gain - MEDIUM

No doubt you earned your riding stripes on Saturday, so Sunday is all about relaxing in the saddle and taking in the calming scenery, without worrying about intense climbs.

From Willamette University, you'll head south on quiet roads in opens areas with few cars in sight. You'll pass by Sarah Helmick State Park, along the floodplain of the Luckiamute River in an area forested in ancient Douglas fir, grand fir, maple, and ash trees. An out-and-back section takes you to Adair Village for a rest stop in the heart of town. Rolling hills and a short climb through the McDonald-Dunn Forest on the edge of the Coast Range highlight miles 20 through 22. Your descent takes you back into the valley and your second full rest stop.

You’ll then travel along Independence Highway, a flat, shaded route that's perfect for pedaling along at any pace. Your last water stop is at mile 39 is in the unincorporated town of Buena Vista, one of the earliest settlements in Oregon. Buena Vista once thrived, as home to both an abundant hops production and a successful pottery factory that shipped wares all over the country. Now, the area is considered by some to be a ghost town...though many locals tend to disagree. Enjoy the flat route back to Western Oregon University for the conclusion of your rewarding Bike MS experience.

35 Mile Route 

35.5mi, 1209’ of elevation gain - VERY FLAT

This gorgeous route takes you through rolling farmland on an extremely flat course with only 709 feet of elevation gain. This is a perfect route if you're feeling tired from day one. The flat routes will give you a chance to stretch your legs and gently recover from Saturday's riding. Today is your day to fully immerse yourself in the Bike MS experience, reflect on the weekend and fall in love with Oregon all over again.

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