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Training Resources

It’s more than a ride; it’s the anticipation and preparation for an incredible journey. Training is a journey in itself and is essential to a successful ride. Training will help you to prepare mentally and physically for Bike MS.

We are pleased to introduce you to TrainingPeaks, the official training software of the Bike MS! TrainingPeaks is an interactive, web-based training log and food diary designed to help individuals achieve their health and fitness goals. Subscription to the basic edition is FREE for Bike MS participants, and you have the opportunity to download custom-written cycling training plans, developed exclusively for us by renowned cycling expert Joe Friel, author of “The Cyclist’s Training Bible” and the new official coaching partner of the National MS Society.

We hope you’ll find TrainingPeaks to be a great benefit to you as you prepare for your Bike MS ride. Bike MS is unlike any other cycling series in the world. It’s a revolutionary ride that unites us all in our mission to end MS. And we’re here to support you from beginning to end!

In addition to the materials included on this website, our Official Bike Shops offer great resources to help you as you train and prepare for the tour. Be sure to visit one of these shops in the months leading up to the tour to make sure you have everything you need to be safe and comfortable on the ride.

The Basics to get you moving

Staying Hydrated

The Bike MS: Your Oregon Ride can be a challenging event. It is important to be well-hydrated before, during and after the ride. Knowing how to replenish your body's loss of fluid and nutrition is the key to successfully completing the ride without serious injury or need for medical attention. If you do not drink enough fluids, dehydration can result, causing nausea, muscle cramps, chills and lack of motivation. Dehydration could also lead to heat stroke, a very serious medical condition. To prevent dehydration, use the following general guidelines:

  • On all rides you should drink 4-8 ounces of water or carbohydrate drink every 15-30 minutes.
  • Drink more if it's hot, humid or you're really riding hard.
  • On rides more than 2 hours in duration, carbohydrate replacement drinks empty more slowly from the stomach, so the total amount you drink should be increased to 5-10 ounces every 15-30 minutes.
  • Energy drinks will help increase your performance, reduce cramps and lessen the possibility of heat stroke. Bike MS rest stops are placed at regular intervals to provide you with plenty of opportunities to eat and drink.
  • If you find that you experience one or more of these symptoms: extreme fatigue, the inability to recover your energy or frequent muscle cramps, seek assistance from our SAG (support and gear) vehicles or medical crew. You may have the early signs of dehydration.

Training Tips


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