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ORC Bike MS 2013 - Share Your Story


Share Your Story

Thank you for your support of and participation in Bike MS. By signing up to fundraise and participate, you are moving us forward to create a world free of MS. However, did you know that just by sharing your story you can also make a difference? Media coverage is an important way we spread the word about MS, and we are always looking for new stories to pitch. You might think you don’t have anything interesting to share, but just by being a part of this event you have a story to tell. If you’re interested in having your story told to help promote the event and/or being interviewed by the media, please take a moment to answer the following questions about yourself. Feel free to omit any information that you prefer not to be public, or add any additional information you’d like to share. We also invite you to submit a photo of yourself, especially if you have one from a previous Bike event.


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